5. 7. 2014 – 5th memorial Jána Režňáka – EuroCUP ACES Aircombat Bratislava Vajnory

Dear NCs and all air combat pilots!
Below are important information regarding the upcoming Eurocup in Bratislava, Slovakia. First of all, I want to ask all NCs to help me spread this information to all pilots in your country who are planning to take part in this contest, which is taking place during the weekend (5.-6. 7. 2014) right before the WASG in Austria. Because of organizational team size and time concerns, the maximum number of flying pilots is set to 49 for WWII and 21 for WWI. Registered pilots have to provide the number non-pilots coming with them. Deadline for registration is 20. 6. 2014. The list of registered pilots will be available on www.flyingdevils.sk

In case of too many pilots wanting to take part, we will have to set the limit for number of pilots per country. Depending on the final number of registered pilots, we may have to fly some rounds on Sunday 6. 7. 2014. In this case, you can pre-order meal for Sunday for 6€.
Fee for camping for 1 person from 4.-8. 7. 2014 is 5€.
Starting fees: WWII – 15€, WWII+WWI – 20€, WWI only – 15€
Please send your registrations (name, WWII/WWI, number of non-pilots) to tocifanko@gmail.com

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bratislava!

Flying devils squadron
Kristián Popivčák
1.NC Slovakia

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